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Rollstock is printed and laminated films rolls that is then used with Form, Fill, Seal (FFS) machinery that forms the package, fills it with product, and seals the bag or pouch closed. Rollstock packaging is best suited for firms wishing to manufacture pillow pouches, packets, sachets, and lie flat pouches using their own pouch-making equipment. It is ideal for a wide range of products, including granola bars, packaged snacks, single-serve sample packs, and stick packs.

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ForestPac Printed Roll Stock Features

ForestPac is dedicated to creating flexible packaging solutions that are both economically and environmentally sound while minimizing waste from plastic and food. We consistently work to design more environmentally friendly rollstock packaging while minimizing the environmental impact and carbon footprint of our production activities.

ForesetPac, the industry leader in custom roll stock, enables you to conduct rapid testing by providing solutions for both plate printed and digitally printed roll stock. You may improve your printed roll stock and scale more quickly than your rivals thanks to this special advantage.

To make the necessary end product, roll stock is employed on automatic horizontal and vertical form, fill, and seal or horizontal bag and pouch making equipment. These are produced in both printed and unprinted laminations, and in a range of Different Structures web widths, repeats, and cutoffs. There are two types of printed laminations available: reverse and surface printing. Rewind options vary depending on the equipment used.

Wide web printing, triplex lamination, and single pass guarantee a more affordable option than pre-formed goods.

Master rolls in a variety of materials and thicknesses are available. We also sell zippers made by Inno-Lok. The roll stock can be divided into smaller rolls by slicing, coating, printing, or perforating. Once converted, it can be made into a variety of completed package designs, such as pillow packs, thermoforming, flow wrap, lidding, and stand-up pouches.


Create, Complete, and Seal Rolls are available in coextruded polypropylene, laminates, and acrylic-coated BOPP films, among other stock film substrates. Laminating materials allows you to blend the greatest qualities of different substrates.

  • CoEx BOPP is a clear, glossy, heat-sealable recyclable film.

  • Heat-sealable, recyclable film with a high gloss and clarity that is coated with acrylic

  • CPP is a transparent, recyclable film with exceptional flexibility and tear resistance.

  • LDPE is a transparent, recyclable film with excellent strength and efficiency.

  • White LLDPE is an opaque film that is robust, recyclable, and helps display accurate colors.

  • PET is a sturdy, reasonably priced material that is mostly used for lamination.

  • PET that has been metalized is a reflective silver polymer that offers better UV protection.


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