Why ForestPac

Why ForestPac


Forest Packaging Group founded in 2008, focus on supplying safe, eco-friendly flexible food packaging. Our main products including pouches, bags, roll stocks, films, and wraps.

We make our customers’ ideas from artworks to real bags via different printing technologies, they are flexography, rotogravure, and digital printing. Start from 2016, we shift our business mainly on sustainable packaging, such as recyclable and compostable packaging bags and films. This change only only makes us did a good job on traditional packaging materials like plastic and paper, but also good at making recyclable and compostable materials of LDPE and PLA. Our business is worldwide, and we are grateful for the trust and support of our customers from all over world. ForestPac supply millions of bags to end-use industries, including food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and personal care and cosmetics.

We always bear sustainable thoughts in mind, and nothing can stop our steps to go further and contribute our share of social responsibility.

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How We Works

How We Works

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We Are Growing Up

We Are Growing Up

The 1st plant started running in Shanghai. Main production lines for rigid paper box.
The 2nd plant has been founded in Wenzhou, we introduce 8 production lines for flexible packaging in Wenzhou, and at the same year start to develop recyclable packaging.
5 flexible packaging lines runs in Shanghai. Overseas sales team was built.
The 3rd plant has been founded in Shenzhen, HP Indigo 20000 printing machine was imported ,especially for digital printing packaging.
Offices in Hangzhou and Hefei was set up to service customers in mid mainland.
Shanghai Recyclable Packaging LTD founded, and works as a exclusive sustainable packaging service team.
To increase production capacity, co-investment of a new Recyclable & Compostable packaging production base in Foshan, Canton.

Forestpac Cultures & Values

Corporate cultures is the soul of ForestPac, and they are inexhaustible driving forces to make us keep moving. It contains very rich content, the core of which is the spirit and values of the enterprise. The values here do not refer to various cultural that shows in management modes, but the values upheld by "Forester" in business activities.

Innovation is the core of ForestPac. Without innovation, we will lose its core competitiveness. The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the support of innovation.


A win-win-win situation helps us to promotes productivity, ForestPac aims to create a double win cooperation with our customers, that we are not only sell products, but create values to our customers and their brand.


ForestPac always believes that great truths are always simple. From the first E-maill or phonecall to receiving the packaging products, we are pursuing years to built a door to door service to make our customers feel easy and time-saving to doing business with us. 

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Specialty improve our work efficiency. We set up different sales team for exclusive packaging products to save your time and ensure the quality of communication and avoid unexpected problems.


To be reliable not only reflects on reliable packaging products, but also depends on reliable partnership. To be honest and trustworthy is a long term business relationship that drive us to be strict on quality control, and reply your every E-mail with care.

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Our commitment to quality secures your brand integrity. We undertake the relentless pursuit to deliver our customers’ products in exactly the way they are intended to be experienced with a wide range of total packaging solutions including pouches, film, and design service.
Rely on Us to Provide:

A total packaging solution that fits where you need it – especially when it comes to standing out on a retail shelf.

Various bag shape of stand up pouches and gusseted pouches designed with a combination of our barrier films.

Packaging solutions that enable you on your journey towards a more circular economy with recyclable film options.

Support from idea to execution with our Packaging Applications, Materials Science Lab, and Field Service teams.

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ForestPac provide you a professional and efficient flexible packaging which used for many applications. We are not merely provide you a packaging product, also a cost and time saving experience by our one stop service from design studio to rapid turnaround and door to door shipping option.

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Welcome to find what we can do via ''Service'' label.

Forestpac Quality Control

17 years experience to provide you safe and stable food packaging solutions
Professional and inspect team via both devices and human eyes will ensure the inferior rate to very low.
ISO complied QC system assure our stable quality control