The Curing Room Actually has 4 Major Benefits!

The Curing Room Actually has 4 Major Benefits!

Nov 12, 2020

The curing room, also known as the curing room, is a facility for the insulation and curing of composite membranes. Put the composite film in it and take out the bag after a period of heating and heat preservation, which will achieve better results. When using the curing room, the first step is to strictly inspect all parts of the curing room, especially the power system, which must be safe, reliable, and intact. Let’s take a look at the four benefits of the curing room today!

1. Power on and heat up, adjust the temperature controller

The temperature of the curing chamber must be able to reach 45~60℃ in a short time.

2. Set the temperature control range according to the material and requirements of the packaging bag made

The maturation of ordinary composite bags generally requires more than 48 hours of heat preservation at 50°C; retort bags, aluminum foil, aluminized film, and 3-layer or more composite bags generally require more than 70 hours of maturation at 60°C.

3. Preparation for entering the curing room

When the composite film is put into the curing room, the product name, quantity, specification, and time of entering the curing room should be marked, so that it is not easy to be confused and the curing effect is guaranteed.

4. Adjust the maturation time as needed

During bag making, if the curing effect is found to be unsatisfactory, the temperature of the curing chamber can be adjusted or the curing period can be extended, and the amount of adhesive applied during compounding can also be adjusted to meet the required requirements.

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